Sunday, October 5, 2008

Books: The Game Changer

Just read this great book - The Game Changer (by A. G. Lafley and Ram Charan). It is based on the phenomenal story of innovation in P&G and other companies and how others can benefit from it. For the benefit of someone who has not read the book, here is a very high level summary:

P&G operates in a highly commoditized business space and depends on 2 “moments of truth” for its business to grow

  • Product selection - when the consumer is shopping
  • Product use – First time the consumer uses the product (and of course every user experience

Innovation - Customer is the focus and business growth is the outcome

  • Customer has to be the focus of every innovation
  • Every innovation has to lead to business growth
  • Innovate with everyone – including competitors (Believe it or not P&G has a JV with one of its competitors)
  • Make innovation “routine” (Counter-intuitive)
  • Check out a few platforms that are used at P&G to collaborate for innovation: