Friday, June 5, 2009

Insecure Leadership - A Source of Organizational Politics

Insecure leadership in an organization is a key source of organizational politics. Insecurity makes business leaders act in very funny ways regardless of their role and the size of their organization. There are many signs that can tell you that your management has insecurity about their ability to add value to the organization. Some common signs:
  • Hunger for credit: Leaders becoming stingy in giving credit where its due and worse still, trying to take credit for their team's effort
  • Promoting incompetence: Leaders surround themselves with people who don't threaten them
  • Denial about circle of competence: Leaders unwilling to accept their circle of competence - just because you are someone's manager doesn't make you an expert on everything
  • Desparate contributors: Leaders unwilling to accept that at times they will have no value to add to the team's work - it is ok to say "I have nothing to add" (like the great Charlie Munger)
Insecure managers directly limit your organization's growth because they are often so focused on protecting their fiefdom that they compromise the best interest of your business.

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Rajat said...

Very True, Great insight, very well articulated